About The Company

Experts in building renovations

From new construction and multi-family to large-scale commercial developments and industrial projects, US South Plumbing is fully equipped to handle all manner of plumbing and construction projects.

We begin by gaining a unique understanding of your requirements; we scope out the project and determine the best route ahead. Whether it’s a multi-family, assisted living, custom and mixed-use home, our unrivalled construction plumbing team are fully equipped to see every project through to completion with ease.

What separates us from the competition is our willingness to give back to the local community. In turn, our efforts to achieve this goal has seen US South Plumbing make a name for itself as a construction plumbing company who truly cares about the customer.

High quality plumbing construction equipment

Our plumbing division is well-skilled in the installation of water lines, sewer lines and septic systems that rely on heavy machinery.

Since the equipment required for the plumbing trade is the same as the equipment needed for other elements of construction, US South Plumbing has carried out extensive excavating work for homeowners, property developers and general contractors over the years.

What’s more, we own all of our own equipment, and have trusted operators trained to run the equipment safely and efficiently.

Reliable support for plumbing repairs

You can call upon our dedicated team to handle all variations of construction plumbing tasks with a wide range of expertise including a focussed mastery in multi-family projects.

We also offer a full line of excavating services, including trenching. We've been in business since 1986, so we have decades of experience with the most as well as the least common issues than can occur.

Licensed in 18 states

• Georgia
• Alabama
• Illinois
• North Carolina
• South Carolina
• Tennessee
• Texas
• Mississippi
• Ohio

• Nevada
• Maine
• Colorado
• Arizona
• Connecticut
• Virginia
• Missouri
• Arkansas
• Florida